Feels Different

by Boogieman Dela

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Boogieman Dela suprises the world with this winter EP. 5 songs about his take on his relationships, right in time for Valentines day. "Feels Different" is the perfect title for this EP because it has a different feel than Boogs past releases. The artwork definitely gives the listener a taste of the vibe before pressing play. Enjoy. Play it for a friend. Girlfriend. Boyfriend.


released February 12, 2017

All vocals done by Boogieman Dela except "Shorty Bae" which stars Ghetto MC. Songs 1-3 are produced by Deet the Beat Machine. Track 4 is produced by ill Clinton. Track 5 is produced by Don Cannon. All songs recorded and mixed at UpTop Studios by Brenton McDowell and Kush.



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Boogieman Dela Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Boogieman Dela - See Your Face

Lemme talk for a minute what I'm gonna say is hard to explain

I don’t think I met girl like you since way back in the day

I don’t know if a man ever told you this before

But ill do whatever it takes just to get you under my arm

Cuz I can change your life all you need is one night with me

It’ll be the best night in your life make you wanna spend the night wit me

We can go wherever u like, pick a place its alright wit me

Just know the next time I see your face its on site wit me


When I see your face,

I don’t worry bout shit no more

When I see your face

I be wishing that I was your boy

When I see your face

It be the the best thing I ever saw

When I see your face

I would even break the law

Just to see your face

Verse 2

Wit u on my team aint no way I could ever lose

Whenever Im wit u I be feelin like one of them dudes

You the type of girl to make me wanna play by the rules

Its something wrong wit those other guys eyes how could they snooze

Everytime I go to sleep your in my dreams girl lets make a move

I aint like them other boys u used to date who be fakin moves

Cuz on the scale of 1-10 a 100’s what im rating you

I wish you was right here so I Can talk face to face wit u

Track Name: Feels Different
Everything feel different
i make things feel different when u do it with me

Verse 1
I know i aint ya first
I might not be ya last
But it dont natter where u wonder off to
I bet u find ya way back

I know we do a lot of shit
You prolly done it all before
But i know when u did it wit him
He aint do it like the bul
Nah nah nah

Im talkin bout me
One of a kind they cant do it like me
I know u seen it all before
But love is blind
They cant do it like me
Nah nah nah

Girl you belong wit me
I know u been away for a few
I had a few girls in between
Cant none of them do it like you


Verse 2
You aint never met nobody like me
I feel the same about u

They way you do it wit me aint nobody else gon compare
You make the boys crazy but all they gon ever do is stare

How they gon try when im in the back your mind
And he staring in ya face and u thinking that’s a whole nother guy nanana

Im talkin bout me
One of a kind they cant do it like
Nana I know u seen it all before but love is blind they cant do it like nana

Its been a long long time
And girl you stay on my mind
I dreampt about you the other day
Aww man that gotta be a sign

Track Name: Boogieman Dela - Make Her Say
I can make her say ohh
I can make her say,
mak her her say,
I can make her say,
make her say ohh oh oh

I can make her say ohh
I can make her say,
make her her say,
I can make her say,

Verse 1
When i put it on her
So good i make it rain southern California
Its the one and only,
Mandela , and she my lil tenderoni
Around my homies I'm hard as nails
Around her i get Cheesier than macaroni
And i smack a homie if he disrespect her
she already know me
So she be talkin reckless
And if i ever eff up, i just get her a necklace
And shell be back to normal
She be calling me light skin i tell her I'm caramel
My genes from Africa so when she call me light skin i just laugh at her
She like boy them jeans Levi's
I got your veggies sauteed
But u deep fried

Verse 2

Man shes incredible
Anytime we together its unforgettable
I do things wit her i said id never do
I mean she taste so sweet its like she edible
She used to love my arrangement of the pavement
How i played wit them stones just like a caveman
Stayin out all night she used to hate it
Askin me where i been shed start flamin
a pocket full of h20 when i came in
I mean i came in the crib it started rainin
I started rolling, we started Mary Jane in
Once we get done smoking back to complaining
I'm thinking she want it rough tonight
I guess i owe her one i stayed out the other night
I touched her leg and started rubbin like
Then i stuck my head under them covers like...

Track Name: Boogieman Dela - Too Late
Verse 1

All i do is work all day
Try to put food on the plate
I could care less bout a girl
Tryna get free food and a date

You should focus a little more of your time
on how to be great
I love spending time wit my baby girl
Sometimes i need space

Sometimes i hit the bar
I dont even need a drink just so i can get away
I come home eat the just like anna mae
On her bday

P-H-I double L-Y P-A thats my birthplace (wait)
I dont even think about it til im outta town
And i just wanna smell a cheesesteak

I dont evn eat'em but it make me think of home
Right Along wit gun powder and potholes in the road
I got love in my soul but hate a lil more being broke
All i do waste doe i never appreciate it till the cash get low

I livin life on the edge hope i start to appreciate before my casket low

You know what they say
you wont apprecjate what u got til its gon
But by then its to late

Verse 2

They might get on ya nerves
But remember they was right there when u was sleepon on the curb
When you was tryna be heard
Remember he was right there listening to every word

But you in a different world
Prolly wont appreciate him til he find another girl
When you already know that it takes to halfs to make a whole